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Insurance Services – Who We Serve

Insurance Services – Who We Serve

Brokers Central is a national hub for a vast net of diverse insurance producers. Our services and partnerships extend beyond the immediate life insurance industry, encapsulating cross-market opportunities in a variety of arrangements.


Following are some of our power-selling partner categories:


Career Agents

We proudly serve career agents. Agents are encouraged to bring in their excess business such as impaired risk or competitive quotes. We also help them fill product voids for those not offered by their home company, with a one-up display of partnership appreciation and the resulting swiftness and simplicity of filings and proceedings. We help agents grow their collective “producer’s pie”, enlarging their total business figures.


Independent Brokers

Brokers Central is one of the finest insurance “clearing houses” for independent brokers nationwide. Each producer is treated and respected as a standalone company, and is provided full support all the way from marketing to moneymaking.


P&C Specialists

We dig deep and go far. With a broad peripheral reach, we lock arms with insurance professionals in the property & casualty marketplace. P&C brokers often underestimate the innate sway they hold in the life insurance segment, and we strive to help them cross the bridge from the P&C side to the Life side by empowering them to cross-sell their commercial and individual clients.


Health Insurance Brokers

We attribute our overall company health to our openness in collaborative efforts. We invite health insurance brokers to place their life insurance business with Brokers Central. Finding the perfect balance we call “dignified aggression” is our core mission, allowing us to offer our resources to partner agencies without cannibalizing, or infringing on, their outside business.

In every respect, we thrive on serving the smaller agent. It is our firm belief that our market position and integral business practices stand to benefit newcomers in ways that others’ don’t. Brokers Central brings years of experience to the table in form of intensive familiarity with products beyond simple processing matters. We always offer the same simple promise: We can be as involved as you want us to be, and we’ll always be ready, willing and able to work with you hand in hand.

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