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Meet our Insurance Experts

Yoel Y Bodek President

Michael Schwartz President Strategy Hill

Shaindy Goldman Associate Vice President of Marketing

Rifky Spitzer Business Manager

Account Executive Isaac Deutsch

Nicole Anderson Illustration & Product Research Specialist

New Business Team Rachel Berkovits | Chany Korn

Heather Sprague Medical Underwriting Consultant

Yoel Yitzchok Bodek, Insurance Advisor Advocate
Founding President

Yoel Bodek founded Brokers Central as a managing agency in 2009 with the goal of making insurance producers more successful. With more than 17 years of insurance and financial services experience, Yoel is known for his ability to see the big picture. He has an innate understanding of how financial products work together to solve clients’ business, financial security and wealth accumulation goals.

With an in-depth understanding of disability and long-term care insurance products, as well as small business and estate planning strategies, Yoel helps producers increase service and loyalty within their books by integrating sophisticated and thoughtfully-designed financial solutions.

Those who collaborate with Yoel will tell you that he is a curious, genuine, highly accessible and creative individual. While financial planning fads come and go, Yoel remains strongly committed to supporting every client’s long-term financial objectives through his work with the broker community. While Yoel brings extensive experience to the table, he also has relationships with the industry’s highest performers and foremost experts and he calls on those resources as needed to address his broker network’s complex needs as they arise.

Yoel completed the Certified Financial Planner program with The American College. He also completed the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification. He resides in Rockland County with his wife Rachel and their twin sons. Yoel is an avid supporter of CSB Care, and is the founder and facilitator of the annual csbEnvision conference the largest annual national conference of its kind for Jewish insurance professionals.

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Michael Schwartz
President Strategy Hill

Michael Schwartz is the President of Strategy Hill, the premier division of Brokers Central. As the division’s name implies, Strategy Hill is focused on helping brokers solve complex financial challenges.

Problem solving is Michael’s forte. His unique understanding of the market, carriers and products, combined with his past record of success, make him uniquely qualified to help you decipher the best plans of action. From personal wealth perpetuation and special needs arrangements, to tax strategies and business succession, Michael brings valuable insights and expertise. He cares about the human element of insurance, and he wants to help you creatively accomplish your clients’ goals.

“I never try to fit a person to a specific product,” he says. “It’s important to start with the client and the problem to be solved, and then to review all the options available to find the best fit,” he explains.

Given his background, it’s no wonder that Michael understands the value of a good fit. Before entering the insurance industry nearly a decade ago, he worked in the garment business. As CEO of a large organic apparel company, he oversaw product development, customer acquisition and business management.

After Michael sold his business and transitioned to a career in financial services, he worked as a financial planner for Northwestern Mutual, gaining expertise in life, disability and long-term care insurance, as well as estate planning and business owners’ policies. He subsequently worked for two New York brokerages, as a brokerage director and director of strategic planning. In those roles, he recruited and managed agents and agencies and built variable annuity practices from the ground-up. Most recently, he founded his own brokerage, Strategy Hill.

In 2018, he joined forces with Yoel Bodek, bringing Strategy Hill under the Brokers Central umbrella, with the goal of expanding the combined firm into new markets and reaching even more brokers. “I’m impressed with the platform of support available at Brokers Central – from underwriting and case support to compensation and incentives, Yoel has built systems that equip brokers for success,” he explains.

Michael earned a Bachelor of Science from Syracuse University. He lives in New Jersey’s Bergen County with his wife and two children. When he’s not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family, competing on three ice hockey teams and car racing.

Shaindy Goldman
Associate Vice President of Marketing

For the past three years, Shaindy has served as the event coordinator for CSB Envision, a philanthropic insurance event founded and co-sponsored by Brokers Central to raise funds for CSB Care. Now, Shaindy has expanded her scope of service, joining Brokers Central as the Associate Vice President of Marketing.

In this role, Shaindy provides concierge service to priority insurance brokers; onboards new insurance brokers; manages in-force business; and leads corporate marketing efforts. She works closely with the Brokers Central team to architect company growth. She also ensures that advisors are equipped with the tools and support they need to maximize their success.

With more than 17 years of business experience, Shaindy brings a wide range of capabilities to her new position. Over the years, she has developed strong proficiency in the areas of event planning, project management, marketing communications coordination, customer service and accounting.

Shaindy’s colleagues will tell you that she is a team player – someone who gets along with everyone and goes the extra mile to ensure expectations are exceeded. She is also creative and impeccably organized, with strong attention to detail.

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Rifky Spitzer
New Business Manager

At Brokers Central, Rifky oversees daily business operations, facilitating a premier level of support for the producers we serve. Her responsibilities include new business administration, carrier relationships, broker contracting and commissions. She also trains and supervises the Brokers Central team, answers any questions that arise and troubleshoots complex issues.

As our in-house disability insurance expert, Rifky is also responsible for the successful placement of disability insurance policies – facilitating case design, quoting and follow up. As always, her goal is to quote policies quickly, with terms that offer the greatest advantage for your clients.

With more than eight years of experience in the life and disability insurance markets, Rifky’s expertise is invaluable. She enjoys the daily challenge of finding the best solution for every situation and getting every client approved. “What I like most about working with Brokers Central is choice. We aren’t limited to one product (which can be pricey). Because we have relationships with so many partner carriers, we’re able to find much more competitive options,” she says.

Rifky is known for her ability to “figure things out.” She loves exploring new ideas and options and uncovering solutions for challenging issues.

Contact Rifky and let her know how we can help you produce more.

Heather Sprague
Medical Underwriting Consultant

Heather Sprague is an Underwriting Consultant with over 19 years of underwriting experience in both home office and general agency settings.  She leverages long-term carrier relationships while applying strong technical and communication skills to successfully negotiate aggressive underwriting decisions.

Heather is a key participant in the strategic alliance between Broker Central and its partners and has a proven track record of successful large case placement.

Heather holds a finance degree from the University of Connecticut and resides in Florida with her husband and two young children.

Contact Heather with your medical underwriting questions for better results.

Chany Korn
New Business Administrator

As a New Business Administrator for Brokers Central, Chany’s primary goal is to ensure that clients are underwritten for the life insurance desired with the most advantageous rates and terms possible.

To achieve this goal, she meticulously reviews insurance applications and gathers all the needed medical and financial documentation required. She also anticipates and resolves any potential underwriting issues that may arise before files go to the carriers.

Brokers Central has relationships with dozens of life insurance carriers, so Chany goes the extra mile to identify which carriers are the best fit for each client and prepares rate and coverage comparisons empowering every client with information to make the best coverage choice possible.

Chany interfaces with clients and with carriers, maintaining strong relationships, answering questions and serving as resource whenever possible. She also works with experts at Brokers Central to ensure that coverage details are thoughtfully designed to achieve each client’s goals.

“Going through the whole process – from coverage application to protection fulfillment is very stimulating. I enjoy the hands-on nature of my work,” Chany says.

Chany’s clients will tell you that she is very motivated and hard-working, and brings both analytical and creative capabilities to her position.

Contact Chany and find a more advantageous option for your client.

Nicole Anderson
Illustration & Product Research Specialist

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This quote by Theodore Roosevelt nicely sums up Nicole Anderson’s work philosophy. “I’m concerned about finding the best possible solutions for my clients,” she says. “This is about helping people; building legacies for their families; and security for future generations. I find it very rewarding.”

As an Illustration & Research Specialist for Brokers Central, Nicole assists brokers with product illustrations, proposals, research and information to support sales. Over the years, Brokers Central has earned a stellar reputation for its deep product expertise coupled with a big picture financial strategy. To this end, Nicole provides brokers with an extra level of product support to ensure their end-clients can make informed, empowered financial decisions.

With 11 years of insurance experience under her belt, Nicole is well-prepared for this role. Interestingly, she and Paul Schott worked together in the past, and it was Paul who convinced Nicole to join the Brokers Central team. Based on past experience, Nicole is quite confident in her ability to help brokers succeed. In fact, in one position, she worked closely with a broker to identify cross-sell opportunities in his existing book. In a one-year time frame, the two succeeded in achieving a 500% business increase – simply by proactively collaborating on business opportunities.

In Nicole’s words, she is a focused yet fun business partner who enjoys building relationships and adding some humor to the workday. She loves interacting with others and truly feels there’s no such thing as a silly question. Nicole is a positive, optimistic person who strives to find the silver lining in every situation.

Nicole resides in New Jersey with her husband and their son Jayce. She is very close to completing her bachelor’s degree in psychology. When Nicole is not at work, she enjoys running, working out and spending time with her family.

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