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Self-Directed Power Lunch (SDPL)
The Brokers Central SDPL or Self-Directed Power Lunch is our way of feeding you information to help grow your business NOW. The SDPL is a 45 to 60 minute power lunch where we address your unique questions. This high octane pow-wow is designed to help you conquer your individual challenges or help get you up to speed on a concept or product.

SDPL is designed to be efficient and productive, and is typically limited to just 5 to 7 brokers per SDPL meeting for a personalized learning experience.

SDPL meetings are held monthly at various locations. Think of the SDPL meetings as your study group.

Upcoming SDPL meetings:

June 1st 2021 at Brokers Central, Airmont Register Now

Past SDPL recaps:

How to get involved: