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How to minimize taxes for retired clients

Offering ways clients can reduce taxes in retirement can be as valuable as advising them on saving and investing. Experts offer five key ways retirees can reduce their taxes, including Roth conversions, paying off their mortgage and deferring required minimum distributions if they are still working. Full Story: ThinkAdvisor

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Financing medical expenses for children with special needs

Caring for children with special needs can be costly, and parents might not know about tax benefits that can help. CPA Thomas Brinker Jr. explains the medical expense deduction and discusses whether to use home equity loans or early retirement distributions to pay for care. Tax Insider

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Interest-rate, tax changes expected to dominate financial planning in 2017

Experts say financial planners and investors will be focused on interest-rate increases that will make fixed-income investments more attractive, as well as proposed changes to estate and income taxes. InsuranceNewsNet online (12/29) 

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An adviser checklist for tax returns

It's tax season and a good time for advisers to check client tax returns. Three advisers who are also certified public accountants offer nine suggestions that merit special attention. InvestmentNews

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