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How advisors can turn millennials into clients

The three best ways to land millennials’ business are to engage with clients’ children, use social media and offer millennials what they really need and want, writes Bill McManus of Hartford Funds Distributors. “Advisors have more reasons than not for seeking out millennial clients, but effectively reaching this demographic will…

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3 common causes of losing a prospect after the first meeting

Advisors frequently come to sales coach Dan Solin confused about why they failed to convert a prospect after a “great” meeting. In these cases, Solin often learns that the advisor did the majority of the talking, made assumptions or approached discussions about fees improperly. Advisor Perspectives

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Exec offers 4 ways insurance brokers can provide great service

Providing great service is important for insurance brokers to enhance client relationships and build their business, and there are four key ways to stand out as a service provider, according to Alex Moral, senior vice president of Trustmark Voluntary Benefits. They include nurturing personal connections with clients, being responsive and…

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4 ways to better understand prospects, boost business

Marketing and sales consultant John Graham offers four basic rules that can help advisors understand how prospects think and potentially increase business. They include making keyword notes and reciting main points back to potential clients to ensure they are correctly understood. ThinkAdvisor

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Commentary: Helping clients with behavioral finance

Financial planning is as much about emotions as logic for most clients, and financial advisors should use behavioral finance to best help them, writes David Geller, CEO of JOYN. Among the actions he recommends are concentrating on what clients can control, making planning a team effort and using questions to…

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Exec looks to dispel misconceptions about LTC combo products

Steve Schoonveld, head of linked-benefit product solutions at Lincoln Financial Group, seeks to correct several misconceptions about annuity and life insurance contracts that include long-term-care benefits, starting with the idea that they lack inflation protection. He also makes the case that they should be called combination products rather than hybrids,…

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How to handle prospects who aren’t truthful

Prospects sometimes lie, but that may be because they are trying to be nice or don’t know how to appropriately answer a question, writes John Pojeta of The PT Services Group. To get to the truth, he suggests financial advisors push for specifics and frame conversations in ways that make…

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3 trends that favor financial advisors in 2019

John Hilton notes three positive trends in the financial advisory industry heading into the new year: an increase in annuity sales, high confidence and satisfaction among people who work with advisors, and a growing need for financial planning and guaranteed income. Advisor News

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Commentary: Build business rapport by asking the right questions

Advisors should avoid invasive, overly forward questions when networking by opening a general business dialogue, suggest Stephen Boswell and Kevin Nichols of The Oechsli Institute. Asking questions about a prospect’s opinion on current events and their own industry experience, as well as sharing personal stories, can prevent an advisor coming…

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3 ways to reinvigorate referrals

Doubts about referral marketing have risen in recent years, but advisors can boost success by improving client experiences, writes David Lyon, founder of Oranj. Advisors should recall even the smallest interactions with clients, emphasize their expertise and not be afraid of politely asking clients to spread the word, he writes….

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