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Danny Wood

Don’t Waste Your Time – Or the Prospect’s

One morning Juan, a new sales hire for Acme, Inc., found himself under pressure from his manager, Brad. “It’s been two months since you joined us,” Brad said briskly. “It’s time for you to step up. This quarter, I need you to set appointments with some new companies we are…

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You Can’t Win ’em All

How many times have you said,“Oh, well. You can’t win ‘em all”? It may be true that you won’t win all the sales opportunities you pursue, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t win them all. In the context of the saying, “can’t” is a destructive word. It implies that…

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What’s The Prospesct Really Saying?

By: Danny Wood Maria was quite certain she’d laid the groundwork for a really big order. Her prospect, Bert, was asking lots of questions during her presentation. He was smiling a lot. He was nodding his head. He was sending all kinds of classic “buy signals.” Near the end of…

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5-Star Prospecting | When Is “Great” Not So Great?

By: Danny Wood 5-Star Prospects Michael returned to the office after having (what he described as) a “great” sales call where he uncovered a “great” opportunity with a new prospect.  His enthusiasm for getting to work on a proposal was only exceeded by his prospect’s expressed enthusiasm for receiving it….

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Finding The Good Fit

Danny Wood Price isn’t everything anymore, nor does sales volume guarantee profitability. Marketing and sales have shifted from an emphasis on transactions, sales volume, and competitive pricing to an emphasis on creating and retaining the right customers. The key word is “right.” It means that not just any customer will…

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Beyond The Cold Call

Danny Wood Have you ever made a prospecting phone call whose central message sounded something like this? We’ve helped our clients (X, Y, and Z) to deliver (so-and-so benefit) with our (Such-and-Such brand product/service), which has (so-and-so feature). I’d love to meet with you for just a few minutes next…

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Why People Buy!

Danny Wood People do not buy features and benefits, they buy ways to avoid or overcome pain. The STORY: Tim arrived at the prospect’s office fifteen minutes before the appointment so that he could sit in the car and mentally review what he was going to say.  Tim very carefully…

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