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Being “others-focused” key to successful marketing

The best marketing advice is to be focused on others, consultant Shauna Mace writes. Among her recommendations are to know your audience and find and address their needs. Full Story: Advisor Perspectives

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Study points to investors needing advisors “now more than ever”

Results from a recent Invesco study show investors need help from their advisors “now more than ever,” says Kristina Hooper, Invesco’s chief global market strategist. Investors are “confused and overwhelmed,” says Hooper, which is leading to emotionally driven decision-making. ThinkAdvisor

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Demographic factors could attract advisers to Hispanic market

Hispanics as a demographic group have the longest life expectancy at birth, and they are outpacing other young demographic groups in terms of US population growth, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Those facts could be of interest to financial advisers seeking new clients, Cyril Tuohy writes. Advisor…

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Survey: Millennials move money more, take advice less

The millennial generation is much more likely to reallocate retirement investments during periods of market volatility than older people are, finds a survey by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance. In addition, millennials are far less likely to seek financial advice from a professional, with only 8% of millennial survey respondents doing…

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Commentary: How to market insurance to the “sandwich generation”

People supporting both parents and children, referred to as the "sandwich generation," often lack extra money for life and long-term-care insurance, writes Jeffrey Phillips of Rehmann Financial. A good way to market products to this group is to offer convertible term policies as well as life insurance policies with long-term-care…

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Tips for mastering a first introduction

Making the right impression during an introduction is important for establishing credibility among clients, says practice management expert Matt Oechsli. He offers three tips for mastering a first introduction. WealthManagement.com (U.S.) (7/20) 

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Survey: Investors have unrealistic return expectations

A survey by Schroders shows US investors have extremely unrealistic expectations, creating opportunities for advisers to have frank conversations with clients about what reasonable returns look like. InvestmentNews (6/26) 

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4 keys to better advice for female clients

Women's longer average life spans and lower life-time earnings necessitate a unique investment advice strategy, a panel at the Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago concluded. Advisors can better serve their female clients through financial education, including both spouses in retirement planning, exploring options beyond riskier investments and starting with Social…

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Most investors are taking market volatility in stride

Investors in general are staying the course and avoiding panic selling amid market volatility, experts say. "They aren't really worried about timing the market but having time in the market," said Sarah Holden of the Investment Company Institute. The Associated Press (1/27)

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Advisers discuss working with middle-market clients

Advisers who work with middle-income clients recommend taking such steps as focusing on client education, understanding clients' challenges and adjusting fees to work successfully with the middle market. WealthManagement.com (U.S.) (1/25)

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