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Financial Wellness at Work: A Growing Opportunity

Some interesting developments are taking shape in the employee benefits market. For the past 15 years, MetLIfe has studied employee benefit trends. This year, the survey found that employees rate life insurance an essential employee benefit, ranking seventh out of 17. Employer’s interest in the financial security of employees is…

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May 18th Self-Directed Power Lunch Recap

Welcome to the relaunch of our popular Self-Directed Power Lunch (SDPL) meetings. At our SDPL meeting on Thursday, May 18 2017 co-host Peter Holmes CLU, ChFC, RHU, REBC, CASL (Life Insurance Consultant at The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America) did a superb job addressing questions posed and shared a…

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Advisors: The Four-Part Formula for Financial Confidence

As financial professionals, we are more successful in helping clients reach their financial goals when we understand the motivations and rationale behind their decision making. A national study, From Concerned to Confident by Guardian Life identified links to and behaviors of overall life satisfaction and financial confidence. The research revealed…

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Missed Opportunities: Addressing Long-Term Care Insurance Needs

The irony of long-term care insurance is that most people (consumers, employers, and advisors) believe that a plan for long-term care is essential to retirement readiness. Yet, in practice, no one wants to talk about it. Consumers wish the advisor would bring up the subject, but won’t bring it up…

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Annuities: The Answer to Longevity Risk

How much can one spend in retirement without exhausting retirement assets? How long will the assets be needed? The uncertainty of life span complicates the distribution phase of retirement planning. The major risks of retirement are longevity risk and market volatility risk. A balanced portfolio should address both. Investment strategies…

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Insurance Marketing: 3 Ways to Reach Your VIVA 2017 Goals

The Brokers Central VIVA 2017 incentive is your ticket to any U.S. destination of your choice when 2017 qualifying target premium reaches $135,000. Your award trip includes two airline tickets, hotel accommodations, meals for two, and a car rental for five days. For $195,000 in qualified target premium, we’ll extend…

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How to Leverage February’s “Insure Your Love” Campaign

How often does the entire life insurance industry get behind a common marketing effort and freely share campaign ideas and collateral? Just twice a year, and NOW is one of those times. The Life Happens non-profit organization, along with carriers and other industry organizations, develops and shares two life insurance…

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5 Ways to Use Life Insurance to Achieve Business Goals

Businesses and their owners are simultaneously unique and alike. While operations, market challenges and financials vary widely, most share at least five similar concerns: 1. Protecting the business from unexpected events 2. Protecting the value and continuity of the business 3. Attracting and retaining competent employees 4. Accumulating financial assets…

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New Disability Insurance Market Data: Key Sales Opportunities

Individual disability insurance sales posted new annualized premium (NAP) numbers not seen since the 1990s. The 2015 total NAP exceeded $392 million and the year-over-year growth rate of 5.8 percent is more than twice as much as a typical annual growth rate of 2 to 3 percent. The number of…

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The Future is Bright for Long-Term Care Insurance (and for Those Who Sell It!)

Many encouraging changes are happening in the long-term care insurance market. Over the course of the year, carriers have entered the market, recommitted to the market, and introduced new innovative products. Long-term care insurance is a product with a future and there is a large market of people in need…

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