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Practice Management: Client Endorsements

Here’s a new idea in practice management: Client Endorsements. An amendment of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 now allows financial advisors to include testimonials in their marketing material. If you’re just bringing up your social media game, you’ll find some great ideas in this Financial Advisor article. According to…

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Advisors Doing Social Media Right

Are you among the group of advisors doing social media right?  According to Financial Advisor social media is key to growing your client base and building credibility.   In fact, “Almost 50% of investors say social media impacts whom they hire as a financial professional and 33% report they seek financial…

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Insurance Industry Unemployment Rate Climbs

Insurance industry unemployment rate climbs but remains below the national rate. After a tough pandemic year, insurers are hoping to fill lost jobs and continue a strong recovery. According to Property Casualty 360, “Unemployment for insurance carriers and related businesses increased slightly month-over-month in May to 2.5% but remains below…

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NAIC Work Group to Better Regulate Index-Linked Annuities

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has created a task force for index-linked annuity products.  RILA’s are very popular now, so regulators have stepped in for consumer protection purposes. According to Insurance News Net, “Regulators gave the Index-Linked Variable Annuity Subgroup a 2021 charge to: Provide recommendations and changes, as appropriate,…

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Virtual Meeting Best Practices

Virtual meeting best practices are what you need to harness the power of virtual meetings. How can you make sure your agency meetings run smoothly, and get things done? This fantastic article from Lori Dernavich outlines the key points for virtual meeting best practices. 1. Figure out what kind of…

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Calendar Management for Better Sales

Calendar management for better sales may be your path to a better practice. Is your week jam packed full of things you don’t want to do? Or, is your calendar so full you can’t see the clients you need to see? Calendar blocking is trending in productivity and business circles….

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Genius Ideas for Selling Whole Life Insurance

In this article from MDRT blog you’ll find genius ideas for selling whole life insurance. Most people are familiar with the rent versus buy argument for home ownership, but this article explains how to extend that analogy to life insurance.   From the article, “Rent is giving money away.” If you…

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Accelerated Underwriting Definition Draws Criticism

NAIC drew criticism for a proposed new accelerated underwriting definition. Consumer advocacy groups are demanding transparency in the life insurance application underwriting process, especially related to accelerated underwriting.  While industry experts say they need more time to consider the definition. With AU program use on the rise  industry regulators have…

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Magnifying Glass on the words 401k

Two Reasons IRA and 401k Balances are at Record Highs

Two reasons IRA and 401k balances are at record highs: First, more contributions led by record saving during the pandemic and increased 401k enrollment. Second, a bull market pushed those bigger balances higher than ever. Back in 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic did you expect IRA and 401k…

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Attracting Gen Z Financial Planning Clients

Attracting Gen Z financial planning clients is important to grow your practice.  We’ve told you before not to ignore Millenials and Gen Z clients. So, how can you attract younger clients? According to Financial Planning, “The next generation of clients thinks differently about wealth and the markets, and because they’re not…

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