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Certified Underwriting Checkpoint Program

By the time you submit an application, you’ve invested considerable time. The last thing you need is a drawn out underwriting process. At Broker Central, we offer producers support and expertise at every step – from marketing to moneymaking. Now, that support extends to improving underwriting speed and outcomes.

Our new Certified Underwriting CheckpointTM program gives your application an underwriting jump-start. We order all necessary underwriting requirements. Our expert medical consultants review and analyze each report. Discrepancies or undisclosed information is identified before it reaches the carrier. Best of all, we do it in less than 48 hours!

The Certified Underwriting CheckpointTM includes:

8-point underwriting requirements check:

  1. MVR check: Discover undisclosed driving history
  2. Prescription check: Compare prescription history to stated medical history
  3. EKG check: Review EKG reports for undisclosed cardiac issues
  4. APS check: Expert medical review of conditions and history
  5. Pre-Lab check: Order and review lab tests
  6. Lab history check: Review lab histories for discrepancies with health history
  7. Examination check: Alert approved para-med firms to schedule client examination
  8. Build chart check: Confirm that the applied for risk class aligns with the carrier height and weight guidelines

3-point financial requirements check:

  1. Income to benefit ratio check: Evaluate according to carrier standards
  2. Financial record check: Ensure that all financial documentation is in order
  3. Disability benefit eligibility check: Determine maximum DI benefit levels based on income documentation

2-point basic requirements check:

  1. Application check: Review applications for accuracy and completeness
  2. Carrier requirements check: Check case against carrier requirements of the product applied for to anticipate any potential issues before they arise

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Note: Details about the costs associated with this program, and how to earn credits toward CUCP are outlined in your Broker Operating Agreement. New Lead-Off Hitter Team brokers enjoy full access to this program for the first 90 days.

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