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Commentary: Sell annuities to grow a business

Given market volatility, recommending annuities to clients is a way to expand a business and to meet clients’ needs, writes Chris Conklin, vice president of individual annuities at The Standard. Stability, safety and ease of use are among annuity benefits Conklin cites. ThinkAdvisor

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Research: Low annuity demand a product of perceived unfairness

The lack of demand for lifetime annuities may be due in part to a sense that it is unfair for the insurer to keep excess funds if the annuity holder dies, according to an academic research paper. However, Shlomo Benartzi and Suzanne Shu of the University of California at Los…

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Expert: Investors can profit in the face of volatility with annuities

For risk-averse investors who still want to profit in a volatile market, financial industry veteran Craig Hawley suggests considering fixed annuities, fixed-indexed annuities or variable annuities with principal protection. He also notes that working with an advisor can help investors keep emotions in check during volatile market bouts. U.S. News…

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IRIC: Slow growth, volatility could boost interest in annuities

Market volatility and slowing economic growth are likely to make participants of defined-contribution plans interested in products that offer downside protection, according to the Institutional Retirement Income Council. These include deferred annuities, guaranteed-income benefits, stable-value contracts, alternative funds and real-asset funds, IRIC says. PlanAdviser online

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Charitable gift annuities offer a way to give — and get

Charitable gift annuities allow donors to receive annuity payments in exchange for a monetary or property donation to a charity, writes Brian O’Connell. Among the advantages are an immediate tax deduction and the potential for some of the annuity income stream to be tax-free, he writes. TheStreet

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Expert: Fixed-indexed annuities protect retirees when markets fall

The protections built into fixed-indexed annuities make them particularly useful to retirees when markets turn volatile, according to finance expert Dr. Wade Pfau. “This protection may make it easier to retire successfully in down market environments,” he says. Kiplinger online

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Tougher rules for annuity sales are on the way

InsuranceNewsNet Senior Editor John Hilton looks at developments in federal and state regulations that are likely to affect annuity sellers. While much is still up in the air, he notes that tougher regulations are “coming sooner rather than later.” InsuranceNewsNet Magazine

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Report: Determining annuity income requires careful analysis

CANNEX researchers look into the question of which type of annuity pays the most guaranteed income and found that the answer depends of several factors, including the client and timing. “[A]dvisors need to rely on real analytics, not traditional perceptions or best guesses of how guarantees work, to best serve…

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Report: QLACs a good retirement solution for an aging population

Qualified longevity annuity contracts are an effective solution for an aging population fearful of running out of money in retirement, but so far QLACs haven’t attracted significant assets, according to a report from Cerulli Associates. The Treasury Department and the IRS made QLACs accessible to 401(k) plans and individual retirement…

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Group: SEC shouldn’t make rules for annuity sales by insurance agents

The Securities and Exchange Commission should not impose a best-interest standard on insurance agents selling fixed annuities, an industry group said in a comment letter to the SEC. The Fixed Annuity Consumer Choice Campaign argued agents are already legally bound to give clients full and accurate disclosure and only make…

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