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Do You Need Confidence?

Do you need confidence for a successful practice? According to this article from MDRT coach Sandy Schussel, confidence will come as a result of taking action. Schussel suggests going from strength to strength and small victories to larger victories. “Look back on your career and on your life. Isn’t it…

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Tips for Efficient Sales Processes

These six tips for efficient sales processes from Insurance News are a good refresher mid-second quarter. First, tell the right stories. Listen to your client. Find their need, then tell them the story of how you’ve met that need before. You can listen to client stories and also tell yours….

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Sales Motivation

Sales Motivation Beyond Commission

Consider Sales Motivation Beyond Commission You want to grow your practice and you want your brokers to be successful.  Obviously commission is a huge motivator and we couldn’t agree more. Have you seen our VIVA 2021 program guide?

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Don’t Ignore Millennial and Gen Z Clients

  Don’t ignore Millennial and Gen Z client markets, according to Financial Advisor Magazine, “Surface-level commentary obscures the important differences—and similarities—between generations. And the risks of getting millennials and Gen Z wrong couldn’t be higher. These generations are too big and too important to misunderstand or reduce to stereotypes. Millennials…

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The right way to ask for referrals from clients

Advisors often shy away from asking clients for referrals because they do not want to burden or alienate them, writes Christopher Crawford of Buffalo Funds. He offers pointers to help ensure advisors are asking the correct way, including making sure clients are satisfied before asking for a referral and keeping…

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Exec looks to dispel misconceptions about LTC combo products

Steve Schoonveld, head of linked-benefit product solutions at Lincoln Financial Group, seeks to correct several misconceptions about annuity and life insurance contracts that include long-term-care benefits, starting with the idea that they lack inflation protection. He also makes the case that they should be called combination products rather than hybrids,…

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Focus on consequences when selling men LTC insurance

Men tend to ignore or feel indifferent about risk, making it difficult to sell them insurance, including long-term-care insurance, writes Harley Gordon of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. Gordon suggests focusing the conversation on consequences for loved ones, rather than risk to oneself. InsuranceNewsNet Magazine

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April 24th Self-Directed Power Lunch Recap

Welcome to the relaunch of our popular Self-Directed Power Lunch (SDPL) meetings. At our SDPL meeting on Tuesday April 24th 2018,  co-host Leizer Gewirtzman, CPA ChSNC (Financial Advisor and Chartered Special Needs Consultant at Mass Mutual) did a superb job addressing questions related to financial planning for a family member…

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May 18th Self-Directed Power Lunch Recap

Welcome to the relaunch of our popular Self-Directed Power Lunch (SDPL) meetings. At our SDPL meeting on Thursday, May 18 2017 co-host Peter Holmes CLU, ChFC, RHU, REBC, CASL (Life Insurance Consultant at The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America) did a superb job addressing questions posed and shared a…

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New Disability Insurance Market Data: Key Sales Opportunities

Individual disability insurance sales posted new annualized premium (NAP) numbers not seen since the 1990s. The 2015 total NAP exceeded $392 million and the year-over-year growth rate of 5.8 percent is more than twice as much as a typical annual growth rate of 2 to 3 percent. The number of…

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