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NAIC Delayed Accelerated Underwriting Decision

Surprising? NAIC delayed Accelerated Underwriting decision on definitions. We previously reported on the NAIC’s move to define Accelerated Underwriting and it seems that regulators won the day. The new deadline is 2024. According to Insurance News Net, “Consumer advocates were disappointed by the delay and fought it until the final…

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Insurance Risk of Long-Term COVID-19

Carriers are just starting to realize the insurance risk of long-term COVID-19. According to Insurance News the results of a recent study by Nature of nearly 5 million patients, COVID patients had a 59% higher death rate up to six months after infection, versus non-infected people. That results in nearly…

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Partnership aims to speed up life insurance underwriting

Health testing company Force Diagnostics and health station provider higi have teamed up to make their processes available at pharmacies. The goal is to help life insurers and consumers get health-related information quickly and speed up the underwriting process. Chain Drug Review

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