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Sales Motivation Beyond Commission

Consider Sales Motivation Beyond Commission You want to grow your practice and you want your brokers to be successful.  Obviously commission is a huge motivator and we couldn’t agree more. Have you seen our VIVA 2021 program guide?

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Change One Word in Your Pitch to Sell More Annuities

We’ve talked about the stability of annuities before. What if you could change one word in your pitch to sell more annuities? According to Harry Stout, it’s a matter of creating a new mindset for clients. “When advisors talk to their clients about annuities, the conversation usually centers on creating…

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Gates Divorce

Gates Divorce and Lessons for Financial Advisors

What lessons can the Gates divorce teach financial advisors? According to Investment News, Bill and Melinda Gateses divorce is the largest division of assets by a couple- ever.  “…clocking in at an estimated $146 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The split of the Gateses’ assets will outpace the…

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Don’t Ignore Millennial and Gen Z Clients

  Don’t ignore Millennial and Gen Z client markets, according to Financial Advisor Magazine, “Surface-level commentary obscures the important differences—and similarities—between generations. And the risks of getting millennials and Gen Z wrong couldn’t be higher. These generations are too big and too important to misunderstand or reduce to stereotypes. Millennials…

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Expert: Annuities put retirees more at ease about spending

Retirees with adequate savings who also have an income annuity or pension tend to be more comfortable spending their savings than retirees without a guaranteed source of income, according to Michael Finke, professor of wealth management at the American College of Financial Services. “If you know you’re not going to…

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NAIFA Congressional Conference: May 25-26

NAIFA’s Congressional Congress is a virtual event featuring targeted advocacy training with briefings on legislative issues that affect members’ businesses, best practices for conducting congressional meetings and tips for developing impactful long-term relationships with legislators. The May 25 session will include a briefing from NAIFA’s Government Relations team and feature…

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Want to be more productive? Quit multitasking

Financial advisors who multitask may be less productive and efficient than they think, consultant Patty Kreamer writes. She cites research from Psychology Today that offers five tips on how to be more productive by focusing on one task at a time. Full Story: Advisor Perspectives

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Tools to help advisors motivate prospects

Advisors can leverage tools outlined in Robert Cialdini’s “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” to secure and retain clients, writes financial planner Evan Beach. For instance, he explains how the perception of scarcity can be used to motivate. Full Story: Nerd’s Eye View

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More millennials working with advisors, study finds

Three-quarters of millennials said they had a financial advisor in 2020, up from 50% in 2016, according to a study from the Nationwide Retirement Institute. The study also found that more than 80% of millennials said they had a plan to guard against outliving their savings. Full Story: BenefitsPRO

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Breaking: NY Court Overturns Regulation 187

The state Supreme Court Appellate Division reversed a 2019 ruling by Justice Henry Zwack that the New York State Department of Financial Services was within its authority when it issued Regulation 187. Read More

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