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Investors doubt economic recovery will fuel inflation

Encouraging news about coronavirus vaccines is boosting optimism about a faster-than-expected economic recovery, but investors do not expect inflation to rise. After the election, investors started selling 10-year Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, which are used to hedge against rising inflation. Full Story: The Wall Street Journal

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A strategy for overcoming prospect rejections

Advisor presentations with too much information and too little engagement are likely to lead to rejection, writes Kerry Johnson, an author and business coach. Johnson outlines his 333 closing presentation strategy, which involves laying out a need, followed by a solution and a story. Full Story: Advisor Perspectives

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Study: 75% of Gen X interested in guaranteed income

Members of Generation X have now lived through two market crashes and those experiences have influenced their thoughts about saving for retirement, says Allianz Life’s Matt Gray. A new study from Allianz Life shows 71% of overall retirement plan participants surveyed were interested in guaranteed lifetime income, while 75% of…

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How to ask the right questions, overcome objections

The financial advisory and insurance industries have become a business where words and stories are more important than providing knowledge, author and speaker Tom Hegna said during a presentation at NAIFA’s 2020 Purpose + Performance virtual conference. Hegna used annuity sales as an example of how to overcome objections and…

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Variable universal life can help with taxes, volatility

Accumulation-focused variable universal life policies can help clients diversify their tax risk and offer some downside market protection, according to Andrew Bucklee of Lincoln Financial Distributors. The policies are best suited for people who have a long time horizon for taking distributions, he writes. Full Story: ThinkAdvisor

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How to help clients avoid a retirement fail

Financial advisors need to warn retirees and people nearing retirement about possible failures and how to avoid them, retirement coach Robert Laura says. “The reason people are failing in retirement is because they are not thinking about the nonfinancial decisions,” he says. Full Story: Financial Advisor online

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Fed officials begin to flesh out new inflation strategy

Federal Reserve officials have started work on guidance to explain the practical effect of its new policy that allows inflation to rise above its 2% target. Whether investors, bond traders and consumers behave in a way that pushes inflation higher will be influenced by the way the central bank’s governors…

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Why advisors should give existing clients a call

Keep clients happy by making sure they know you care for them, writes Bryce Sanders of Perceptive Business Solutions. One way to do this is by giving them a call to allow them to share how the coronavirus pandemic has changed their lives. Full Story: ThinkAdvisor

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Fed expected to keep rates low 5 years or more

The Federal Reserve is expected to hold short-term interest rates close to zero for the next five years and possibly longer, as well as adjusting its approach to inflation under a new monetary policy strategy. The new inflation policy is expected to be more flexible, allowing it to rise occasionally…

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Survey: Accelerated underwriting use growing rapidly

A survey from LIMRA and Munich Re found that 64% of insurance companies were using accelerated underwriting in 2019, a big increase from 2017. Mary Lesch, LIMRA associate research director, said she expects to see changes to carriers’ accelerated underwriting requirements, such as changes to face amounts and age requirements….

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