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5 Ways to Use Life Insurance to Achieve Business Goals

Businesses and their owners are simultaneously unique and alike. While operations, market challenges and financials vary widely, most share at least five similar concerns: 1. Protecting the business from unexpected events 2. Protecting the value and continuity of the business 3. Attracting and retaining competent employees 4. Accumulating financial assets…

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New Disability Insurance Market Data: Key Sales Opportunities

Individual disability insurance sales posted new annualized premium (NAP) numbers not seen since the 1990s. The 2015 total NAP exceeded $392 million and the year-over-year growth rate of 5.8 percent is more than twice as much as a typical annual growth rate of 2 to 3 percent. The number of…

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The Future is Bright for Long-Term Care Insurance (and for Those Who Sell It!)

Many encouraging changes are happening in the long-term care insurance market. Over the course of the year, carriers have entered the market, recommitted to the market, and introduced new innovative products. Long-term care insurance is a product with a future and there is a large market of people in need…

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Do You Have FOU (Fear of Underwriting)? Here’s the Antidote!

There are all kinds of acronyms on social media and within the insurance world. A newly coined acronym, FOU (fear of underwriting), refers to the anxiety associated with life insurance underwriting. FOU can be a deterrent to life insurance sales for financial professionals and for clients! Financial pros don’t want…

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How Health Brokers Can Successfully Cross-Sell Life Insurance

Are you one of the 40 percent of health insurance producers who has seen a decrease in commission revenues since the implementation of the ACA, the Affordable Care Act? Are you looking for ways to replace the decline in revenues and the corresponding increase in time invested? Are you searching…

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10 Strategies from Lead-Off Hitters: Secrets to Increase Insurance Sales

If you know baseball, then you know a winning strategy is scoring runs early in the game. Likewise, submitting business soon after joining Brokers Central is a winning strategy for new producers. And, getting a strong start early in the year is crucial for all brokers. Rewarding producers is central…

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Protect Client Assets with a Long-Term Care Insurance Planning

What is the biggest threat to a secure retirement plan? The escalating costs of health care and long-term care expenses. The most recent estimates from Fidelity predict that a couple retiring today, at age 65, will spend $245,000, in today’s dollars, to cover medical expenses throughout retirement. That does not…

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Is Premium Finance a Good Fit for Your Insurance Clients?

If premium finance is something you’ve never considered in the past, now is the time – particularly if you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions: Do you have clients who are business owners? Are they between the ages of 40 and 65? Do they have a net…

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Strategies for improving clients’ financial health

Listening to clients, guiding them to a healthy strategy and connecting assets to income are key ways advisers can help clients foster better personal-finance habits, writes Sarah Newcomb, a behavioral economist at Morningstar. ThinkAdvisor (6/13) 

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Special Needs Planning: Points to Cover with Life Insurance Clients

When preparing for the future of a family member with special needs, two broad economic objectives need to be accomplished. First, protect existing sources of income and medical resources, including those available through the government and also nonprofit needs-based programs. Second, create additional funding sources to help meet the individual’s…

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