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VIVA 2020
  • Prize includes roundtrip airfare, hotel, meals and rental car for two at any U.S. vacation destination – Florida, Hawaii, Arizona – wherever you decide!
  • Forget about prescheduled agendas – The time is yours to spend as you wish.
  • Use the entire year to qualify – from January 1 through December 31, 2020.
  • Strive for three qualification levels: Accelerate, Cruise and Arrive.
  • Target premium includes life, long-term care and disability insurance policies from all our core* carriers, or any combination thereof.

Make this the year you attend the annual MDRT meeting. As a first time Aspirant, you can qualify to participate with 50% of required production credits. Place $97,000 of new target premium to qualify.
$1,000 Value

Simply place $194,000 of new target premium with Brokers Central and receive a five-day vacation to your choice of U.S. destinations.
$2,500 Value

Place $582,000 of new target premium with Brokers Central and receive two extra days! Enjoy a seven-day vacation to your choice to your choice of U.S. destinations.
$5,000 Value

Make this your year to qualify for the Million Dollar Round Table, Court of the Table or Top of the Table membership! We’ll pay a cash bonus to put toward the cost of attending the inspiring 2020 MDRT annual meeting – in addition to your trip qualification.

$1,000 bonus MDRT level

$2,000 bonus COT level

$5,000 bonus TOT level


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