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Survey: Few middle-income baby boomers think they’re ready to retire

Before the financial crisis, 41% of middle-income baby boomers thought they were prepared for retirement, but that figure has since fallen to 31%, a survey from Bankers Life found. Scott Goldberg, president of Bankers Life, said this lack of confidence about retirement is an opportunity for advisers. ThinkAdvisor (2/27) 

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More Americans ready to seek financial advice, survey finds

A survey by Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America found that 29% of Americans are more likely than in the past to seek advice from a financial professional in 2017. That's the highest percentage in the survey's history. ThinkAdvisor (12/21) 

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Expert: Focus on new life experience, not retirement, with millennials

Financial professionals should approach millennials by offering to help them get ready for a new life experience instead of for retirement, the National Football League's chief marketing officer, Dawn Hudson, said at an industry conference. They don't want advisers to focus on "protection," she said. InsuranceNewsNet online (9/28) 

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How advisers can help clients navigate a low-yield environment

Research compiled by financial economics experts suggests we are entering a new low-return environment for safe and risky investments, which could have an enormous impact on the investment advising profession, writes Michael Finke, dean and chief academic officer at The American College of Financial Services. Fink offers tips for advisers…

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IRI chairman: Advisors must get better at explaining the value they deliver

If they are to have successful futures in financial services, advisors are going to have to do a better job of communicating their value to clients, said Robert DeChellis, the new chairman of the Insured Retirement Institute, speaking at IRI's annual meeting. "There has never been a greater need to…

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10 warning signs a client is about to leave

Financial-services trainers Stephen Boswell and Kevin Nichols offer 10 warning signs that a client is about to leave an adviser. WealthManagement.com (U.S.) (8/11) 

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Financial professionals should help clients create longevity plans

The steadily lengthening life spans of Americans mean they need longevity plans, not just retirement plans, writes Katie Libbe, a vice president at Allianz. "If done right, clients will have more confidence and may see the potential in living longer," she writes. Life & Health Advisor online (8/3) 

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Commentary: Assess clients’ goals before offering investments

Advisors should assess clients' financial goals and determine where they are in meeting them, instead of offering a suite of investments, writes Carl Richards, director of investor education for the BAM Alliance. Only after clients' needs are known is it appropriate to suggest investments, he writes. InvestmentNews (7/21) 

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Virtual reality could be the future of financial advice

Technology increasingly lets advisers meet clients in a virtual environment, writes Lex Sokolin, chief operating officer of Vanare. "Virtual reality will allow the advisor to literally take a client on a journey through a simulated financial model, made understandable and empathetic by triggered simulations," he writes. ThinkAdvisor

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4 keys to better advice for female clients

Women's longer average life spans and lower life-time earnings necessitate a unique investment advice strategy, a panel at the Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago concluded. Advisors can better serve their female clients through financial education, including both spouses in retirement planning, exploring options beyond riskier investments and starting with Social…

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